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JPT's and Ripple Music's new LP JPT are all smiles. We just got news from Ripple Music that the test pressing are in for our new doubld vinyl LP that will shortly be released on non other than the Ripple Music label !!!!

Here's a few words from our buds at Ripple Music right off their Instagram account...  "First test pressings of 2015 arrived. Heavy psych fans you gotta dig this. Ripple;s re-release of the long out of print first two seminal albums by the legendary JPT Scare Band. Not seen on vinyl for decades, this is original '70's heavy psych coming to you as a double LP gatefold limited edition. Oh? So good."
"A Night in the Asylum", a benefit concert for KKFI,90.1 fm, October 31, 2014, Halloween, with
JPT Scare Band
and The Waspmen was big fun. Nic and Rocky put a giant sound system together, about 4 times what was needed and it sounded incredibly good. John with Soul Shine put on an incredible Jefferson Airplane style light show too. Jimi Sun Cricket (looked good and tall on his stilts) Fire performers Admiral J Brown, Sharlene Thomas, and Jeremy Brasel. LED Hoops by Sara MissConception Glass, Christina Thompson-Dodd, and Sadie Flower put on some very trippy performances on side stages as the bands roared forward and before the live stuf happened Tim (DJ Bring Tha Ruckus) spun a bunch of stuff to get the juices flowing. The room was big, we had tons of stage lights, foggers and smoke machines, it was an optic, aural feast for everybody as far as I could tell. Casey Swope, Terry's son, sat in on King Rat and Fast Johnny Ricker was there too and came up on stage to play guitar on Acid Blues is the White Man's Burden.  It was a fun night for all of us Here's a ton of pictures below to give you a sense of how it went.
Jeff Terry and Paul
The Waspmen jpt
Terry Paul
Arjay, a.k.a. Alice Terry jpt
Paul and Jeff jpt with fast Johnny
Nic, Rocky and Arjay

Heavy Trips in the Electric Ghost House, by Austin Matthews

"Austin caught up with Jeff, Terry and bassist Paul Grigsby to talk about the old days, current musical endeavours and all the madness in between." (Click the link to view the zine. Page 12 is where the article starts

JPT on the Obelisk After more than three solid months of Acid Blues is the White Man’s Burden holding down a top five spot in’s “Extended Jam” category, legendary acid rockers, JPT Scare Band come roaring back with a blitzing assault on their newest single, “Long Day.” Featuring the sizzling guitar work of Terry Swope, “Long Day,” tears through more than eight minutes of searing guitar leads, massive bass riffs, and mammoth drum jamming, all in the definitive JPT Scare Band style.  
Rhapsody SoundBoard - Classic Rock Crate Digger: 10 Essential Proto Metal Albums: "This wonderfully raw mismash of once forgotten demos is proto-metal heaven, particularly the 13 minute opus 'Sleeping Sickness'". "In 2007 Classic Rock Magazine tagged JPT as "the lost pioneers of heavy metal". "That's no overstatement, these dudes slayed with the best of them: Cactus, Black Pearl, Pentagram and so on."  
NEWS: read Classic Rock Magazine's interview of JPT, Iron Butterfly and others, "Lost Pioneers of Heavy Metal" "JPT Scare Band was the death metal of early 70s hard rock ...The aptly named band constructed towering walls of terrifying evocative, druggy guitar noise..."  
...“Acid Blues Is The White Man’s Burden” is a collection of seven tunes recorded between 1974 and 2004, all originals save for a cover of Son House’s “Death Letter.” Not a lot has changed in 30 years and that is to the band’s credit. The same energy and reckless drive is applied to 2001’s “Long Day” as 1975’s “Stone House Blues,” two of the disc’s standout tracks. The best jam comes midway through the disc. “I’ve Been Waiting” (also 2001, although an earlier version was recorded in the formative years) is a template for the power trio format: a killer riff, a vocal that recalls the enormity of 1970s arena rock and guitar solos that build momentum by continually tweaking variations to the main riff. It’s the type of thing Warren Haynes and Gov’t Mule would later build their career on.  
  JPT Scare Band fecebook page   

JPT Scare Band guitarist/vocalist releases all original, solo album, June 2013.
Ten all-new songs in the classic rock styles that influenced
Terry Swope in his formative music years. For best results play it LOUD!

"No TV" is available at CD Baby.
You can log in at the bottom of that page to write a review.
LIKE Swope on Facebook: Terry-Swope-Music

NO TV Scro!   

JPT Scare Band played Crosstown Station in Kansas City, Mo on July22, 2011. With Rocky Rude at the sound system controls, and a house full of screaming Scare Band fans.


Thanks to Arjay and Norm for making this happen and to Casey for loaning your drums and to Luke and Janet and Arjay for doing the videos. And thanks to Dave Brock you braved the stage volume to make the multitrack recording..  And thanks Rocky for expanding the consciousness of all by filling the room full of that sound.

here's some cell phone YouTube videos, thanks Casey. and... a rough of a video of Rat Poison for the Soul
John Paul just wrapped up work on the video from this gig. Who knows maybe you will see it on the Ripple Music label in the not too distant future.  We might even do a double DVD if we get good recordings at the Halloween gig, who knows!  There will be copies available at the show on Halloween, 2014 so get em while their hot.



Dr. Kung Bomar's lair, in a dark basement, somewhere underground... 



Long Day by JPT Scare Band

Video Premiere:  JPT Scare Band’s “Long Day”  The Obelisk is thrilled to bring you an exclusive premiere of the new video from heavy '70s lost classics, JPT Scare Band. The clip is for the song "Long Day" from the trio's 2011 album, Acid Blues is the White Man's Burden (review here), and like the best of things, it combines rocking out in the living room with righteous psychedelic imagery.

“Long Day” is available as a single from CDBaby and all fine digital music emporiums. Acid Blues is the White Man’s Burden is available from Ripple Music in two-toned, gatefold, double-LP with two bonus tracks, deluxe digipak CD, or digital at

It's Not My Fault - JPT Scare Band  JPT Scare Band's vinyl and CD library
Release scheduled for
late fall 2014 a new release of the first two vinyls in a double like Acid Blues. Pope did some killer artwork for the album.
abitwmb images/rumdum-fsm.jpg (44879 bytes) SS_Cover-2009.gif (56065 bytes)
Acid Acetate Excursion & Rape of Titan's Sirens 2014 Vinyl & CD Ripple Music Acid Blues is the White Man's Burden, 2010 Vinyl & CD Ripple Music  Rumdum Daddy
2009, CD
Kung Bomar Records
Sleeping Sickness
2009, CD
Kung Bomar Records
Play the Ramona Video by John Grigsby images/manheim.jpg (55409 bytes)
"It's Not My Fault" on Youtube Jamm Vapour
2007, CD
Kung Bomar Records
Echoes of the Everland
2006, CD
Kung Bomar Records
Past is Prologue
2002, CD
Kung Bomar Records
Manheim Mayhem
2001, CD
Kung Bomar Records
Ramona - JPT Scare Band  images/blazingb.jpg (82252 bytes)
Blazing Basement
2001, CD
Kung Bomar Records
Sleeping Sickness
2000, CD
Monster Records
Rape of Titan's Sirens
1998, 12" Vinyl
Monster Records
Acid Acetate Excursion
1994, 12" Vinyl
Monster Records
happy halloween happy halloween happy halloween
"Ramona" on Youtube Jamnation, Dan McGuire
2005, CD Prestidigitation
JPT Scare Band & Josefus



Alternate PR-Kit

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"Acid Blues is the White Man's Burden",  on Ripple Music.

Click on the logo and check out the guys from Ripple Music. They are on fire and signing kick ass bands constantly. Todd Racer and Pope John kick ass!

This is the Stone House where JPT recorded material that appeared on several CDs / albums. The house was built in 1880 over a Native American, burial mound. A twin tree towards the back of the house marked the burial site. In 2002, one of the halves fell exposing a stump with 275+ rings. The area overlooks the Missouri river and is the site of several archaeological digs. The earth floor basement, stone foundation walls and ancient boiler heating system made for some otherworldly vibes and some loud, scary recordings.

Many jams and recordings took place there including Paul's no input mixing work: MCIIB, which was recorded using a Standell preamp, big muff and a Sony reel to reel using the crosshead echo feature that was also used to record the songs Acid Acetate Excursion and Theme From the Monster's Holiday at the Electric House. 

The MCIIB was used on the track Rape of Titan's Sirens.  A couple other trippy CDs by Paul are The Tao of the Kung, Poseidon's Reminder, Solstice in a Trice and The Visitant.


2004 Rumdum Daddy Documentary

"JPT documentary video" on Youtube


John Paul Grigsby created the Jamm Vapour, "Ramona" video and the Rumdum Daddy documentary of the 2004 recording session at Berry Music Group. Using Computer and hand drawn animation along with some black magic, he came up with some cool stuff to melt into as your eyes as your ears soak in it. Daryl Drake recorded the 8mm video for several videos using his wife, Donna's 8mm camera. This video work was done in 1974 and shows how Volker Park used to look when rock and roll was what you listened to on a warm, summer afternoon at the park with several thousand of your closest friends

john01-s.jpg (27539 bytes) blithering bomar bandblithering bomar band's album Welcome to the Defenestration,
 John and Dr. Bomar have also completed a DVD project from the Crosstown Station gig up.  Early, "bootlegs" will be available at the Halloween 2014 gig. is where you can find John's music, annimation and stop action work. John is an integral part of the band and a great collaborator.


[The Sleeping Shaman] - "...You can almost feel your fillings loosen as Grigsby grinds on his bass and Swope lets loose another Hendrix snubbing volley of notes. This is easily the heaviest tune here and shows that JPT are capable of grinding, out riffing and out scaring most heavy bands before or since."

[Captain Beyond] - "Hailed as one of the "lost pioneers of Heavy Metal" by Classic Rock Magazine, JPT Scare Band has seen a resurgence of interest by fans of the 1970's heavy fuzzed out rock.

[Bill's Music Forum and the Rock and Roll Report] - "Each track sizzles with nostalgia, with fuzzy guitars, gritty vocals, and extended jam sessions that instantly transport you to what feels like a Hendrix concert. Everything grooves in its own right... will undoubtedly dazzle fans of classic blues rock. Terry Swope has got to be one of the world's most underrated guitarists!"

[Rhapsody SoundBoard - Classic Rock Crate Digger: 10 Essential Proto Metal Albums:] "This wonderfully raw mismash of once forgotten demos is proto-metal heaven, particularly the 13 minute opus 'Sleeping Sickness'". "In 2007 Classic Rock Magazine tagged JPT as "the lost pioneers of heavy metal". "That's no overstatement, these dudes slayed with the best of them: Cactus, Black Pearl, Pentagram and so on."

[Acid Blues is the White Man's Burden:] From the first track, this just rocks you hard. All of the songs have a serious build up, and the structures develop as the band jams on these tracks. JPT Scare Band is not afraid of taking chances with their material, and by doing so they do come out sounding victorious. ...JPT Scare Band is perhaps rock's most hidden treasure."

[] -"Album of the Day!"

[Ray Hogan, Goldmine Magazine] - ""Acid Blues is the White Man's Burden"" is a collection of seven tunes recorded between 1974 and 2004... "I've Been Waiting" is a template for the power trio format: a killer riff, a vocal that recalls the enormity of the 1970s arena rock and guitar solos."

[Sonic Abuse] - "A gem to treasure. Let the hypnotic music swirl around you. For anyone who wishes to delve into the heritage of the current crop of stoner bands, this is an unmissable compilation. [Acid Blues is the White Man's Burden] Terry Swope rivals some of the day's greats including Clapton and Hendrix. JPT Scare Band are the unsung heroes of the cult rock scene and now they have decided to remind the world of their phenomenal abilities... "I've Been Waiting" has a riff so heavy it could be encased in lead. Sits comfortably along side Black Sabbath."

[The Obelisk] JPT Scare Band traffic in epic guitar-led passages that would scare off trust-fund hippies faster than you can say, "There's ham in the vegan pad thai."

[Ripple-Effect] With Acid Blues is the White Man's Burden, JPT Scare Band have created a sound equally heavy in hard rocking blues as it was tripped out in psychedeli. Hailed as one of the "lost pioneers of Heavy Metal" by Classic Rock Magazine, JPT Scare Band has seen a resurgence of interest by fans of 1970's heavy fuzzed out rock. Acid Blues is the White Man's Burden, a collection of unreleased gems from these acid rock freaks. If you've never heard the JPT Scare Band before, you're in for a treat. ...I've Been Waiting, is almost 10 minutes of guitar orgy ecstasy that sounds like Tommy Bolin sitting in with Budgie.

[Mark Kadzielawa, 69 Faces of Rock] - "...Despite the lesser known factor, the band is truly fantastic...Having heard JPT Scare Band before I knew what I was in for, but I'm certainly blown away by this release as well."

[Gears of Rock, Mike SOS] - "Acid Blues is The White Man's Burden, a fuzz-laden seven track time machine trip through the formative years of hard rock via a bevy of organically organized hazy blues jams that wouldn't sound out of place between Hendrix, Cream and Zeppelin on classic rock radio."

Tangerine Magazine- Glenn Tillman "...They are brain shaking phenomenal. ... Their music is psychedelic/stoner/bluesrock ecstasy...."

[Ripple Effect, Racer:] "Take a solid, Cream-based blues outfit, mix in the wildest, most psychedelic moments of Hendrix feedback, throw in loads of distortion and a grocery bag full of LSD and the final result will be something like the proto-metal/psych jamming of the JPT Scare Band."
[Peacedogman's Will Broadbent] - When it comes to marathon sweat-drenched acid jams, Kansas City's JPT SCARE BAND stand the test of time, from 70s material like "Sleeping Sickness" to their latest album "Jamm Vapour".
Charlie Quaker  "An obscure & eclectic Hendrix influenced, brain cracked power rock trio... Truly some of the most brilliant and disturbed guitar playing on record. "
Andy Perseponko: "If the band had a signed contract back in the early 70s, there is no doubt they would be up there with Jimi Hendrix, Cream and Black Sabbath for guitar overload damage."
blog entry from a fan in France: "Well, to be completely honest, I am not escaped unharmed from listening to this album, heavy, very heavy, my ears have completely lost the habit of listening to this style of music...RAPE OF TITAN'S SIRENS is undoubtedly one of rock albums of the most violent that I have the opportunity to listen."
Tom Harrison, Quick Spins, The Province Newspaper - "The trio veers between Cream and Grand Funk Railroad."

interesting review from The Evil Monkey Records





           buy some CDs and vinyl that you can actually hold in your hand 

Acid Blues is the White Man's Burden - June 22, 2010, Ripple Music   
Buy the CD at Ripple Music -- Buy the 12" Double Vinyl Album at Ripple Music

JPT Scare Band named by Classic Rock Magazine as one of the "lost pioneers of Heavy Metal".
9 tracks of never before released manic riffing, intense jamming, and acidified blues, all recorded by JPT from the mid 70's to the early 2000's

images/rumdum-fsm.jpg (44879 bytes)

Rumdum Daddy - October 31, 2009, Kung Bomar Records   
Buy it at
-- Buy it at CDBaby

"JPT Scare Band traffic in epic guitar-led passages that would scare off turst-fund hippies faster than you can say, 'There's ham in the vegan pad thai.'"

images/SS_Cover-2009.gif (56065 bytes)

Sleeping Sickness - April 1, 2009, Kung Bomar Records 
Buy it at
-- Buy it at CDBaby, Chris Barnes "The beauty of the JPT Scare Band is it's ability to function as a unit in the nebulous field of the free-form heavy jam. They start with a chord progression and the rest is a musical conversation, the direction dictated by unspoken energies. Terry Swope is a gawdam genius. One of the best all around soul guitarists I've ever heard... Definitely in the league with the best in that genre."

jvcover.jpg (57172 bytes)


Jamm Vapour-  April 1, 2007, Kung Bomar Records
The Ripple Effect review, "Ramona" Youtube video,   PRESS RELEASE
Buy it at
  -- Buy it at CDBaby

"They just get into a groove, a steady, freaky space and hold that intention, moving time and space through their amps. This is where the album title came from. A full-out acid-drenched jam, allowed to go where ever the vapors flowed." (Ripple Effect, Racer)

images/jpttv1pisp.jpg (73112 bytes)

Past is Prologue- Jan 1, 2002, Kung Bomar Records
The Ripple Effect reviewPRESS RELEASE
Buy it at
-- Buy it at CDBaby

 Brazilian Stoner Rock Web Zine Interview: "The JPT Scare Band is one of those lendárias bands who had been part of fabulosos years 70, but that only the fans most curious of the style know... "
Ripple Effect, Racer on Past is Prologue review..


Scare Band See you folks! We're...  
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