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JPTSleepingSickness.jpg (27073 bytes) "Past is Prologue", JPT Scare Band, a compilation of stuff from 1976, 1977, 1993 and 2001 on one CD. Inculding Jerry's Blues, Wino and Titan's Sirens. JPT Scare Band,  ($13.00 US) 


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JG5c.jpg (292702 bytes)Coming Soon:   "Jamm Vapours", JPT Scare Band, recorded in June of 2001, is being mixed and mastered at Kung Bomar Studios. No release date set yet but there may be 2 CDs that come out of these sessions. blazingb.jpg (82252 bytes)  "Blazing Basement", JPT Scare Band, ($13.00 US)  73 minutes. 
manheim.jpg (55409 bytes) "Manheim Mayhem", JPT Scare Band, ($13 US) 73 minutes.   "Sleeping Sickness", JPT Scare Band, Get this from Amazon.com or Monster Records